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Hai-Na-Nu "Nooligan" Saulque

is an artist, comic creator and graphic designer based in Sacramento, Ca. An old soul in a young body, HaiNaNu finds inspiration in times past. From the cartoons of his youth to films he missed by decades, from golden age comics to classic newspaper strips, you will find a creator who has immersed himself in the what he loves. His style is contemporary with a flare of nostalgia.









Union Street Choir

The boys from Union Street will be back soon. Please visit for a free preview.

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Inktober 2014

All my posts for Inktober so far: HERE

Different design ideas


Rumluck Supporters

Huge thanks to all my supports of my first kickstarter "RumLuck", this wouldn't be possible without all of you. Thanks so much

<3 nooligan

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Different design ideas

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